A 3D Octal Planetary Model – video preview


  1. Varun, if you are really serious about this, there you need to put your own effort and at least check most of the materials on the blog. For the planetary model there is one tutorial done for a simple 2D version. there is a lot of other stuff (tutorials) for 2D-3D conversions, visualizations and animation. You decide how deep you want to go by studying the related stuff and trying your own ideas. This particular file has no tutorial since it’s a little complicated but you can figure it out if you take the time.

  2. George, Buddy..!!! Really its fantastic.

    How do you do this magic in Excel and i m keenly interested. Tell me how would I do this..

  3. Thanks, Sertac, for your encouragements. The video files have a link (it might say “an old post” or something similar). Click it and it takes you to the original post where there is a green “Excel Download” button. Another way is to just scroll through all the blog and pick up what you like by clicking the (always) green excel download buttons in the way. Cheers, George

  4. Hi, George

    I have not ever seen a person who has an experience using excel like you , congratulations …before you , i had thought i know excel , but now i noticed that i dont know anything about excel 🙂

    how can i download your files ? i cant ..there is not any sign to download , i saw only two of them …

  5. Francisco, thanks for the thumbs up. I don’t have anything yet but I will get there some day. Right now I am trying to get critical mass on my site. Keep working. Personal effort is worth more than a whole library! George

  6. Hi, George
    I folllow your website everyday, and I continue to learn
    I wonder you if have book I can buy to learn Excel Animation
    I do learn about it when I download your Excel File, but I can also
    learn with a book as well.

    I wil buy it. Your staff is great.


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