This is an introductory video about creating, scaling and animating wireframe shapes in MS Excel. The tutorial is made from the ground up starting with a blank workbook. A square is created. Scaling factors are added which can turn the square into a custom size rectangle. The tutorial demonstrate the use of VBA driven spin buttons and also VBA drivenContinue Reading

This is the second post on Excel speed. This has serious implications in creating usable Excel animations. The first part benchmarked the calculation speed of Excel 2003 versus Excel 2007 for various size arrays of formulas. This part analyzes the effect of formula complexity on the spreadsheet speed. About the speed of animated models in MS Excel – part #2Continue Reading

This post considers several aspects about improving the speed of spreadsheets in both MS Excel 2003 and 2007. It has significant effects on animations in MS Excel. In this first part, a “stopwatch” macro is described which, when incorporated in any of calculation loop, can measure the frequency your loop is executed. In this first part of the tutorial theContinue Reading

This is a continuation of the PLL series of tutorials and it takes the recursive numerical formulas derived in the previous section, implementing a dynamic spreadsheet  model with help from a copy-paste loop type of macro. This macro emulates the behavior of the phase locked loop model in time. At this point, the model is functional. Charting options for the waveformsContinue Reading

This section explains how to add score board logic on the worksheet and how to display the score on the court chart using sprites. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #8 – creating a score display by George Lungu – The previous tutorial showed how to associate sound effects (including crowd applause and laughter) to ball collision events. This section (which is aContinue Reading