2D Wireframe House#2-thumbnail-700x394

This is a continuation tutorial, the second in the wire-frame tutorial series. Here we take the 2D basic house we created on an 2D scatter chart and introduce rotation. These basic tutorials use elementary math/geometry and trigonometry (middle school and high school level). As the series progresses, the tutorials will reach 3D level and the creation of more complex shapesContinue Reading

Dancing Constellations - thumbnail

An Excel animated model using Free shapes created by a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) routine. A conditional “Do” loop runs the show. Every loop cycle the stars and connecting lines are deleted and new ones are formed in different positions. The sizes, positions and colors are controlled by harmonic functions (sin/cos(x)). Visit excelunusual.com for more Excel animations. Enjoy! ThanksContinue Reading

The ActiveX Spin Button tutorial - VBA tricks for Excel Animation

>. This tutorial brings briefly introduces an older airplane/Ninja cat animation, then it shows how to flip a logic (Boolean) variable using the operator “Not”. Most of the tutorial however, is centered toward the Active X control button in Excel animation and the associated macro. It shows how to create and customize this button, then it shows how to introduceContinue Reading

About Excel animation and Excel games – an introduction:   Hello everyone, in this section we will be talking about sprites and and how to use the sprites in MS Excel to create animation. This is going to be a general discussion, a demonstrative, introductory talk. It shows you what we can do with sprites in Excel. In general language,Continue Reading