This section of the tutorial explains how to add sounds to the Pong game created previously. There are four types of sound effects: collision with the walls, collision with the bats, missed ball by the player (crowd laughter) and missed ball by the virtual opponent (crowd applause). [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #7 – associating sound effects to ball collision events by George LunguContinue Reading

In this part of the tutorial, the analysis of the ball movement is continued. The effects of the collision events are introduced in the equations of movement. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #5   by George Lungu – combining kinematics with collision events – In this tutorial (which is a continuation of part#4) the kinematics of the ball is further analyzedContinue Reading

In this tutorial (which is a continuation of part#2) the kinematics of the ball starts being implemented. Two new macros are being introduced, the “Serve” macro and the “Play” macro. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #3 – ball kinematics analysis – the serve by George Lungu – In this tutorial (which is a continuation of part#2) the kinematics of the ballContinue Reading

In this section two bats are created (the opponent’s bat and the player’s bat). The player’s bat movements are controlled by the vertical mouse movement. The geometry of movement, placement and charting of the bats are explained. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #2 – creating the pong bat animation with various options by George Lungu -In this tutorial (which is aContinue Reading

This tutorial explains a pair of important user defined functions, the “Navigator_u()” and the “Navigator_v()”. These functions save the user nine columns of formulas by calculating the effects of: 3-dimensional shift, rotations around the three axes of coordinates and 3D-2D perspective mapping. These user defined functions are also easy to use compared to writing all the perspective mapping equations fromContinue Reading

In computer graphics we often need to be able to display a three-dimensional image in two dimensions and preserve the perspective appearance. If we walk on a straight road, it appears that the road narrows with the distance. This is the perspective effect and it is a result of mapping a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface (i.e. a computerContinue Reading

Hello everyone, this is a tutorial in which a virtual  Excel joystick controlled by mouse movements on a scatter chart has been demonstrated . While in operation, a macro updates the coordinates of the pointer in two spreadsheet cells. The two coordinates are then incorporated in formulas which limit the range of motion of the joystick. Just like a realContinue Reading

Hi there, this is a better version of Pong, in which you play with a virtual opponent. It does not have a score board yet and the opponent is theoretically unbeatable. I will be improving it further. Excel 2007 is quite slow on this one. In order to get maximum speed out of Excel 2007 make sure you zoom in as much asContinue Reading