This is an Excel animation and an engineering model of a Buck voltage switching regulator. Excel 2003 was used. Besides real time control of  common parameters such as switch ON resistance, load current, load capacitance, output voltage (vout), input voltage (vbat) etc, the user can also run very specialized tests in which the output current and “vbat” can be modulatedContinue Reading

This is the fourth part of tutorial about making an interactive animated Excel model of a gated ring oscillator in MS Excel 2003. This section adds a joystick to the model which smoothly adjusts the RC delay constant (vertical movement) and the number of delay stages within the ring (horizontal movement). An additional function of the joystick is to control the gatingContinue Reading

This is the third part of a tutorial about modeling logic gates in MS Excel 2003. This first model includes no delay or loading for the gates. This section creates user defined functions for each gate and uses these functions to upgrade the model. An auxiliary macro is created which measures the speed of the model in iterations/second. The model withContinue Reading

This is the second part of a tutorial targeted at modeling logic gates in MS Excel 2003. The first part introduced the basic logic gates,, symbols and associated logic equations. This model includes no delay or loading for the gates. The following type of gates will are described: inverter, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR (exclusive or) and XNOR. The tutorial has several partsContinue Reading