Power Management: An Animated Buck Switching Regulator Model in MS Excel 2003

This is an Excel animation and an engineering model of a Buck voltage switching regulator. Excel 2003 was used. Besides real time control of  common parameters such as switch ON resistance, load current, load capacitance, output voltage (vout), input voltage (vbat) etc, the user can also run very specialized tests in which the output current and “vbat” can be modulated as either rectangular periodic or sinusoidal waves with adjustable frequency.

This model is very fast (you can run it in adjustable “batch” mode) and extremely useful for real world transistor level design.

The regulator can transition seamlessly between “continuous mode” and “skip cycle mode” (internally it does not make a difference between the two) and if you use a fast comparator it is intrinsically stable (a “switched-cap” comparator for instance) you can expect to design it having high efficiency at the transistor level (more than 96% flat over 3 decades of load currents).



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  1. hi… this is good word..very useful for me with excel…

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