The ActiveX Spin Button tutorial - VBA tricks for Excel Animation

>. This tutorial brings briefly introduces an older airplane/Ninja cat animation, then it shows how to flip a logic (Boolean) variable using the operator “Not”. Most of the tutorial however, is centered toward the Active X control button in Excel animation and the associated macro. It shows how to create and customize this button, then it shows how to introduceContinue Reading

This is the fourth part of a series of tutorials explaining how to create a realistic clock in MS Excel using free form sprites. The sprites are created in PowerPoint and imported in Excel as images. This part (part #4) deals with planning the clock face layout. How to make a realistic looking digital clock in MS Excel – PartContinue Reading

About Excel animation and Excel games – an introduction:   Hello everyone, in this section we will be talking about sprites and and how to use the sprites in MS Excel to create animation. This is going to be a general discussion, a demonstrative, introductory talk. It shows you what we can do with sprites in Excel. In general language,Continue Reading

I am including a preview of our next series of tutorials about creating wireframe animations and games in MS Excel. These wireframe animation methods can be used in various engineering Excel models, as well as in scientific models and games in Excel. This training will be about creating a simple internal combustion engine 2D model in MS Excel. Join outContinue Reading

This is an introductory video about creating, scaling and animating wireframe shapes in MS Excel. The tutorial is made from the ground up starting with a blank workbook. A square is created. Scaling factors are added which can turn the square into a custom size rectangle. The tutorial demonstrate the use of VBA driven spin buttons and also VBA drivenContinue Reading

This is the third part of a tutorial about modeling logic gates in MS Excel 2003. This first model includes no delay or loading for the gates. This section creates user defined functions for each gate and uses these functions to upgrade the model. An auxiliary macro is created which measures the speed of the model in iterations/second. The model withContinue Reading