This is the second post on Excel speed. This has serious implications in creating usable Excel animations. The first part benchmarked the calculation speed of Excel 2003 versus Excel 2007 for various size arrays of formulas. This part analyzes the effect of formula complexity on the spreadsheet speed. About the speed of animated models in MS Excel – part #2Continue Reading

This post considers several aspects about improving the speed of spreadsheets in both MS Excel 2003 and 2007. It has significant effects on animations in MS Excel. In this first part, a “stopwatch” macro is described which, when incorporated in any of calculation loop, can measure the frequency your loop is executed. In this first part of the tutorial theContinue Reading

This section finalizes the aircraft (glider) by inserting the wing, the horizontal stabilizer and a center of gravity (CG) sprite in the layout. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics #5- putting the glider together by George Lungu – This section puts together the fuselage, main wing and stabilizer with the proper scale, shift and rotation determined by the input parameters. Scaling andContinue Reading

This section of the tutorial explains how to create the  2D aircraft components for the animated longitudinal stability model. The first part deals with extracting the x-y coordinates for the fuselage, canopy, vertical stabilizer and rudder. The second part handles the main wing airfoil and the horizontal stabilizer airfoil. All thses parts will be put together in the next section.Continue Reading

The first macro created in this section of the tutorial improves on the previously developed macro by correcting the up-down orientation of the shape, referencing the shape position to the coordinate of the first drawn point and closing the shape by repeating the coordinates of the first point at the end of the table. A last macro is then created whichContinue Reading

Using autoshape freeforms is a very easy way to duplicate object outlines from pictures. It is convenient to create a freeform and once created, its vertices (points) can be edited with without difficulty. Aditional points can be inserted and others can be deleted. This is a tutorial about a series of macros which allow the extraction of freeform vertex coordiantes to a worksheetContinue Reading

This last section of introductory PLL modeling shows how to upgrade the model with  adjustable scale charts for three voltage signals within the loop. The model also shows how to create a Lissajous based phase display. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] How to Model a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) in Excel – part #4 -This is the continuation of part #2 of the PLL tutorial. The previousContinue Reading

The previous section explained the VBA upgrades needed to make the score functional and new-game and end-game sound effects were added. This tutorial shows how fix some previous bugs and create a “demo play” option which means that both bats are automatically run by worksheet logic. This is the final part of the of the Pong tutorial series. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Excel PONG Tutorial #10 – addingContinue Reading