This is another basic demo investigating the feasibility of using anaglyph wireframes to plot scientiffic data. Open the attached worksheet and with your 3D glasses on, watch the chart. The data is a dynamic temperature map obtained from a 2D heat transfer model in a metal plate. The heat model is complete and you can run it with various parameters. You canContinue Reading

This is a basic demo investigating the feasibility of using anaglyph sprites to plot scientiffic data. Open the attached worksheet and with your 3D glasses on, watch the chart. The data results are various temperature maps obtained from a 2D heat transfer model in a metal plate. You have 4 different selectable mapps there but you can also invert the pattern using the “Flip” button. IContinue Reading

In this section, a joystick is added to the model which controlls the  yaw rate and the pitch rate (not the angles!) of the stereoscopic cube. This joystick was used before in a dedicated tutorial and in the flight simulator tutorial. Its importance in future models can not be underestimated, hence I decided to cover this virtual device again. Use your 3D glasses whileContinue Reading

Reach out for your 3D goggles because this is a representation of the Cosmos through the eyes of a 5-year old. The model displays a few objects at various depths and move two of them back and forth on a chart to demonstrate the stereoscopic effect. Though very simplistic it is an excellent example of anaglyph stereoscopy in action showing youContinue Reading

This is the final part of the anaglyph stereoscopy tutorial. This part deals with the prectical implementation of the concepts and formulas discussed before to create a 3D cube. You need 3D glasses to notice the stereoscopic effect. The PDF erroneously claims this is part #3 of the tutorial, whereas this is actually part #4 (it’s a typo in theContinue Reading

This section of the tutorial gives few more real life applications of the stereoscopic vision and also derives the stereoscopic 3D-2D perspective conversion formulas. These formulas are based on the approximation that the that both right and left eyes observe the same v-coordinate. Excel anaglyph stereoscopy #3 – 3D-2D perspective conversion formulas by George Lungu – While the previous section introduced theContinue Reading

This tutorial explains the basic principles of creating and displaying anaglyph pictures. Excel anaglyph stereoscopy #2 – how to split the image by George Lungu – The previous section showed an improvement in the practical implementation of spreadsheet multiplication, namely based on the associativity of matrix multiplication the three elementary rotation matrices were combined in a composite rotation matrix whichContinue Reading

I made a stereoscopic model in October last year, however, choosing the wrong colors (red and blue on a black background, the effect was very weak (if any). This series was suggested to me last week by one of the guests here on the website, Don L. (thanks Don!), who sent me his stereoscopic cube. I opened the model, put onContinue Reading