This is an Excel animation and an engineering model of a Buck voltage switching regulator. Excel 2003 was used. Besides real time control of  common parameters such as switch ON resistance, load current, load capacitance, output voltage (vout), input voltage (vbat) etc, the user can also run very specialized tests in which the output current and “vbat” can be modulatedContinue Reading

This is the fourth part of tutorial about making an interactive animated Excel model of a gated ring oscillator in MS Excel 2003. This section adds a joystick to the model which smoothly adjusts the RC delay constant (vertical movement) and the number of delay stages within the ring (horizontal movement). An additional function of the joystick is to control the gatingContinue Reading

This part of the tutorial demonstrates the Fourier transform operation in a few cases of periodic and non-periodic signals, such as an AM signal, an FM signal, a rectangular non repetitive signal and a cardinal sine signal. The last slide contains an application to the scaling property of the Fourier transform on a non-repetitive time signal. It actually shows thatContinue Reading

The previous sections explains the creation of a discrete Fourier transform model in Excel. This section and the following one will use the model to calculate and chart the Fourier transform in several cases of periodic and non-periodic signals. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] A Fourier Transform Model in Excel, part #4 by George Lungu – This is a tutorial about the implementation ofContinue Reading

The previous sections of the tutorial handled the basic formulas behind building a Fourier model and creating a set of input functions. This section deals with formula implementation on the spreadsheet, the brief VBA code and the charting of the Fourier transform components. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] A Fourier Transform Model in Excel #3 by George Lungu – This is a tutorial aboutContinue Reading

A Phase-Locked Loop is a type of electronic circuit. It generates an oscillation with the same frequency as a reference oscillation and a relatively constant phase difference  with respect to the same reference. The applications spectrum of such a circuit are extremely wide. Signal modulation, demodulation, detection and filtering, frequency conversion and synthesis are just a fraction of what this circuit can do.Continue Reading

Hi there, this is a tutorial explaining the construction of a very basic Lissajous emulator in Excel. It’s supposed to be very easy to understand at the high school level. Good luck, George [sociallocker][/sociallocker] A Lissajous emulator in Excel by George Lungu   Introduction: Jules A. Lissajous was a French mathematician from the 19th century – He wanted to visualizeContinue Reading

This is a static Lissajous emulator in the sense that the waveform is obtained by combining 2 static sinusoidal waves with different frequencies. As a parenthesis, I will be preparing a dynamic version which will look just like the wave shape seen on a real oscilloscope. The file presented here has two different worksheets, the first one contains a classic 2DContinue Reading