1. Thank you/

    I am working on a project this weekend. I will send you a copy.

    Again, Thank you.

  2. Francisco,
    Yes that is partially true. Be careful that the data to generate the shapes in that emulator (file) is redundant (repetitive). That was one of my first model and I was not very good at it. To create a rectangle/square you need not more that a 5×2 table A=>B=>C=>D=>A. In that old file rectangles are created with more than that (that’s not wrong but not efficient). Of course you need 2D-3D formulas which I have not talked about yet. You can venture and find them or derive them yourself which I encourage you to do. It might take me a while to get there. I want to do a tutorial about making a 2D helicopter defense game as application at the 2D tutorials. Right now I am working on time/delay in Macros. I also need to make one about sounds in Macros before making the helicopter defense game. And of course I need a tutorial about driving macros with bind keys. Cheers, George

  3. Hi, George
    It looks to me that in order to create 2D and 3D emulator, we can do few things. One thing will be greating the Formula with its respecxtive columns
    and then make the grapgh. And the Gram will be in constant movement as long as we apply a loop.

    Am I on the right track?


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