This is a static Lissajous emulator in the sense that the waveform is obtained by combining 2 static sinusoidal waves with different frequencies. As a parenthesis, I will be preparing a dynamic version which will look just like the wave shape seen on a real oscilloscope.

The file presented here has two different worksheets, the first one contains a classic 2D Lissajous figure and the second one has a 3D Lissajous pattern obtained from three different sinusoidal waveforms.



  1. Jim, let me check with my local USPS first. I will send you a private message. George

  2. Hi!
    I’m working in Afghanistan, work long hours, and have very little private bandwidth, available for only a few free hours in the evenings after a long day’s work.
    Could we strike a deal whereby, for a reasonable price, you send me a flash drive (or I send you a blank one), and you send me your archives ?

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