An interactive animated demo of the gated ring oscillator in Excel 2003 based on the previous tutorial. This model stands out because of the real time schematic animation in Excel.

It is controlled by a virtual joystick which is generated using a chart with a macro assigned to it.

To start the model click the red dot within the joystick chart. To stop the model you can click anywhere on the chart.

While the model is active you can move the joystick head (which will stick to the mouse cursor).

Vertical movement will control the RC constant of the delay stages and horizontal joystick head movement will change the number of delay stages within the loop.

While the joystick head moves to the right, there are 7 inverters within the loop and the “Enable” signal is “chopped” which means the oscillator works in a discontinuous mode.

A demo YouTube video will follow. Download the model, check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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