This is the second part of a tutorial targeted at modeling logic gates in MS Excel 2003. The first part introduced the basic logic gates,, symbols and associated logic equations. This model includes no delay or loading for the gates. The following type of gates will are described: inverter, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR (exclusive or) and XNOR. The tutorial has several partsContinue Reading

This is the first section of a tutorial about the creation of a Tetris game in Excel using mainly spreadsheet formulas and very little VBA. [sociallocker][/sociallocker]   Building a game of Tetris #1- the generation and the rotation of the Tetris parts by George Lungu – This tutorial explains the creation of a game of Tetris in Excel using spreadsheet formulasContinue Reading

In this tutorial, most of the calculations for the numerical simulation a SMD (spring-mas-damper) system will be consolidated into a single formula, the coordinate formula. In this case, in order to calculate the coordinate at the end of a any time step, we will need just the coordinates from the previous two time steps and of course the input parameters (constants). TheseContinue Reading