This is the first section of a tutorial about the creation of a Tetris game in Excel using mainly spreadsheet formulas and very little VBA. [sociallocker][/sociallocker]   Building a game of Tetris #1- the generation and the rotation of the Tetris parts by George Lungu – This tutorial explains the creation of a game of Tetris in Excel using spreadsheet formulasContinue Reading

In this tutorial, most of the calculations for the numerical simulation a SMD (spring-mas-damper) system will be consolidated into a single formula, the coordinate formula. In this case, in order to calculate the coordinate at the end of a any time step, we will need just the coordinates from the previous two time steps and of course the input parameters (constants). TheseContinue Reading

This tutorial explains the principles to generating animation for the spring-mass-damper system analyzed in the previous presentations. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] A casual approach to numerical modeling – part #4 – a Spring-Mass-Damper-System – creating the animation by George Lungu – We are trying to generate animation for the system sketched above knowing the deviation from the equilibrium function of time. This deviation isContinue Reading

Hi guys, by popular demand, this is a file containing five different animated speedometers and a tachometer (rpm-meter). I can recognize two models: a Toyota Camry and a Ford Crown Victoria. They work great. The rest I am not sure what they are, I would appreciate if you tell me. Just leave a comment. The model works in all versions of Excel. Cheers, GeorgeContinue Reading

This tutorial explains a pair of important user defined functions, the “Navigator_u()” and the “Navigator_v()”. These functions save the user nine columns of formulas by calculating the effects of: 3-dimensional shift, rotations around the three axes of coordinates and 3D-2D perspective mapping. These user defined functions are also easy to use compared to writing all the perspective mapping equations fromContinue Reading