A 3D Flight Simulator – video preview


  1. Lakshmi, in this case I want it hacked as much as possible :-). Not many people are interested in this. I am not protecting these sheets in any way since I want people to understand how it’s made.

  2. Its very quite impressive and very interesting, i am working with excel from last 6 months and afterseeing this video i was astonished, its like a multimedia, but recently i came to know that one can easily hack Ms Excel and Vba files, so even if u work hard and prepare such great spreadsheet if one hack whats the use, how to improve our spreadsheets from hackers.

  3. What kind of report, be more specific?

  4. I want to generate a efficient report with your help, can you pls guide me….

  5. Claud, If you move the stick to the left, the airplane should tilt to the left therefore the horizon should appear as tilting to the right as seen from the cockpit.

  6. George: the airplane is rolling reverse. When the joystick is to the left the horizon should tilt left as well. i.e. the right aileron drops generating more lift and the left rises creating roll moment. My 2 cents. Regards.

  7. Thanks lubos, I bookmarked your page since there is a lot of good theoretical info I can learn in a graphical way. Cheers, George

  8. This is definitely quite impressive. I’ve used Excel before as a simple integrator (such as in but I had no idea something like this was even possible. Very neat!

  9. Gabriel, This is not a try-it-once-and-it-works deal. It took me years to get here and you could get it in just a few hundred hours if you read my tutorials carefully and try to apply the knowledge yourself. There is a whole series I published about this simulator and many more 3D tutorials. If you come up and say, George in tutorial X, at page Y, I don’t get Z, I can help you. If your background however is too low then this blog might not be for you, at least the advanced models (like the flight simulators). Good luck, George

  10. Hi Sir,

    I am very impressed by your work on EXCEL. I`m working on a special projection Excel, to display data in 3D and then move them with a mouse as a joystick. But it has been 2 months that I try, with a mouse, to dive into the data like a plane flying throught a cloud. I tried to understand how you do this in this flight simulator but I can`t. I`m not an expert in Excel but I would like to know it, if it’s ok with you.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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