An Animated Ray Tracing Model for Spherical Mirrors – video preview


  1. Hello,

    can anybody help me to trace rays through a rough lens glass surface with excel ?

    I have a random function, describing the glass surface, and assume paraxial rays, being refracted by the glass. How do I get the intensity distribution at a certain distance ?

    Sorry, if this does not concern the topic, but I don’t know where to ask.

    Best Regards,


  2. Ben, this is just a demonstrative model. Sure you could use a different equation and replace the circle with your elipse but you certainly need some perseverence. You can also use a commercial program to save some hassle. If you do it in Excell however you’ll gain a great deal of confidence and some extra knowledge.

  3. For my PhD work I need to perform ray tracing for a light source located at the focus of a truncated ellipsoid which will fucus the rays at the secondary focal point. Can you advise or help in this area.

  4. George,
    Creating an Animated Ray Tracing Model in Excel is simply brilliant. Keep up the inspiring work!

  5. Francisco, my email is in the “About” page: . Thanks for the comment. The piston movement is an excellent choice of animation. I am waiting to see it. Cheers, George

  6. Another master piece of work

    George, can please provide me with your email adress.
    I am now at work and I would like to send you a project I made by following your teachings in Excel.

    I do not have my Evo Cell phone and we are not allowed to access Facebook from work.
    That is Piston Motion Movement (2D)


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