1. Fabiano, I am away from my desk this week (vacation). I will be returning Monday. YOur teacher expects numerical solutions or exact solutions? This is not a hard problem. Try to work on this until Monday. George

  2. Hi,
    Im Fabiano, mecanical engineering student.
    My applied mechanics teacher asked for a school work in ecxel software.
    I’ve been having some problems on doing this task, can you help me at all, please?

    It’s a simple Spring-mass-damper system. #~~~{m}–[—-#

    ~~~ = spring
    {m} = mass
    –[— = damper
    # = wall
    # = wall

    mass = 10kg
    k = 60N/m
    c = 80N*s/m

    First I need to calculate the time required for the system to returns to its position of 10mm after it’s been abandoned from initial position of 50mm.

    After that I need to make the following equation work in ecxel software: (can you understand what i mean?)
    x=0,056623e^-0,8377t – 6,6228(10^-3)e^-7,1623t

    I’ll be very grateful if you could help me on that!

    Tks a lot.

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