Time in VBA Part#1 – Japanese Clocks

Hi guys, here is a┬ásimple file with a bunch of clocks. The code is very basic and the whole workbook is fully open so you can see how it’s done.

All the spread sheet calculations are contained in the upper left corner and the VBA code is just few lines long. Click the “Run-Pause Clock” button to start or pause the VBA clocks.

All the of them will display your local computer time.

I will continue with this theme and more explanations later. For now, enjoy!




  1. I have set up the clock byplacing the 3 arms of the clock on 2Dscatter chart.I have not used any dial picture, when I am running the clock macro, the chart’s arms are moving constantly, thus the origin is not fixed in the chart.How to set up coordinates of origin and arm’s tip properly? Where to enter thosetrignometric functions for theAOS right triangle? How to set the range for axes between -1.2 and 1.2 ? I am learning guy in excel, please mail me to resolve the issue, thank you so much..

  2. I want a MP3 alarm in Excel. Example Cell “A10” shows 13:30 (HH:MM). so MP3 alarm ring at 13:30. Thanks for Excel Clock.

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