A Speedometer in Excel

Here is a speedometer in Excel 2003. It’s an old file and the charting wasn’t done in the most economic fashion.

I used too many series while I could have consolidated a lot of the dial curves. It is still a good example of animation and displaying custom numbers on a chart.

There are two VBA macros involved, one for changing the speed value and the other for randomly changing the parameters of the display.





  1. Hi George, this is really very god animated chart.I never seen this kind of chart in my experience.How can we do this speedometer.Please explain me.

  2. Sailesh, Click in the numbers and see where the series takes the data from then delete the last digits (120, 140 etc). Also make sure you play with the angle between the numbers. Good luck, George

  3. hi George,

    This is great.

    How can I change the range to 0-100 instead of 0-140?


  4. Why the excel book is slow?

  5. Amazing,I got an extraordinary thing from here

  6. Salut Bogdane! Multam pentru comentariu. Eu nu am lucrat cu bar-coduri insa cred ca sint la moda. Trebuie sa citesc despre ele.
    Si eu tot asa lucrez, iau o farima de pe internet si o dezvolt de 100 de ori insa imi place sa folosesc foarte putin VBA din motive de viteza.
    Cum mai e in Bucuresti? Eu am facut electronica acolo. Numai bine, George

  7. Hi George,

    Unbelievable things! I did not believed that is possible to do something like this in excel …

    What do you thing about “bare code image (UPC, EAN, CODE 39, etc)” , without using VBA?

    I’m using a Macro (pasted bellow and found on the internet), together with a special font in order to generate bare code imagine in excel and access.

    From Bucharest, Romania 🙂

    Public Function ean13$(chaine$)
    Dim i%, checksum%, first%, CodeBarre$, tableA As Boolean
    ean13$ = “”
    If Len(chaine$) = 12 Then
    For i% = 1 To 12
    If Asc(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1)) 57 Then
    i% = 0
    Exit For
    End If
    If i% = 13 Then
    For i% = 2 To 12 Step 2
    checksum% = checksum% + Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1))
    checksum% = checksum% * 3
    For i% = 1 To 11 Step 2
    checksum% = checksum% + Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1))
    chaine$ = chaine$ & (10 – checksum% Mod 10) Mod 10
    CodeBarre$ = Left$(chaine$, 1) & Chr$(65 + Val(Mid$(chaine$, 2, 1)))
    first% = Val(Left$(chaine$, 1))
    For i% = 3 To 7
    tableA = False
    Select Case i%
    Case 3
    Select Case first%
    Case 0 To 3
    tableA = True
    End Select
    Case 4
    Select Case first%
    Case 0, 4, 7, 8
    tableA = True
    End Select
    Case 5
    Select Case first%
    Case 0, 1, 4, 5, 9
    tableA = True
    End Select
    Case 6
    Select Case first%
    Case 0, 2, 5, 6, 7
    tableA = True
    End Select
    Case 7
    Select Case first%
    Case 0, 3, 6, 8, 9
    tableA = True
    End Select
    End Select
    If tableA Then
    CodeBarre$ = CodeBarre$ & Chr$(65 + Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1)))
    CodeBarre$ = CodeBarre$ & Chr$(75 + Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1)))
    End If
    CodeBarre$ = CodeBarre$ & “*”
    For i% = 8 To 13
    CodeBarre$ = CodeBarre$ & Chr$(97 + Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1)))
    CodeBarre$ = CodeBarre$ & “+”
    ean13$ = CodeBarre$
    End If
    End If
    End Function

  8. Hi George
    I will try that tonight
    I hope you understand my question.
    I want my graph to repeat itself until I want to
    Stop it.

    I am trying to make a Loop that repeats itself
    For example, I set the speed meter to go from 20 to
    80 m/hr. The loop will make the graph design to
    Do that. Once I create a steady repeating loop
    The graph will show repeadely itself until I stop it.
    I hope you understand question

  9. Francisco, Just use one of the loops from the “Dynamic Macros”. Change the “n” if you need to and the maximum value it goes to. The macro will paste it on a cell in the page and you might need to do some “scaling” operation to bring it between your limits (upper/lower speed). George

  10. Hi, George
    How can I make a constant loop?

    For example, set speed meter go to a steady and/or different speeds for
    unlimited time. Like set the speed go from 20 m/h to 78 m/h and then repeat the same cycle. And the only way to stop would be by pressing the stop bottom

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