City Lights in North America – sprite animation

Here is another example of sprite animation in Excel (Office 2007 will work fine, though a little bit slower). We’d love to hear from you. George

The pictures are generated by the “Earth Viewer” which was first implemented by John Walker in December 1994.

Most of the software that generates the various views of the Earth was adapted from Home Planet for Windows. The satellite tracking code is based upon the N3EMO Orbit Simulator.





  1. John, Microsoft has added paranoid security settings to both 2007 and 2010 versions. Go to “trust center” and try to lower the security level. Start with this link (the red page):
    Let me know! George

  2. Just tried this download in Excel 2010 64 bit and it will not run.

    I was thinking of having it update like the digital clock and making it into a dashboard for our crew. =)

    Is there a different download for Excel 2010 64 bit already?

  3. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  4. Thanks J, for pointing that error out. I just updated and reloaded the file. Try clicking the red square button too if you haven’t done so already. I am working on a “Pong” game right now… Cheers, George

  5. Works fine for me in Excel 2007.
    I just found this site form YouTube…. great info … keep up the great work!
    You may have noticed by now, Houston is spelled with two “o” ‘s

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