Random Walk and Brownian Motion Diffusion Model – video preview


  1. Marcial, sorry for the broken links. It should not change but it always does. The links used to work. Just search the term “random” without quotation marks in the search box above left.

  2. hello how are you
    I really liked your blog
    is a good way to try to touch the frontiers of science

    How I can get the pdf and. xls your theme:
    Random Walk and Brownian Motion Diffusion Model?

    I am very interested

    thank you very much

    good luck

  3. i like it…

    That’s fantastic to describe how random walk process…

    Cheers 😀

  4. Marc, thanks for teh comment!

  5. George,

    thanks for the blog, and all the simulation software.
    great looking random simulation.
    just downloaded it, and playing around.


  6. I like all about financial issues.

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