The Aeroscope – a preliminary version of a 2D flight simulator based on real physics

This is the “Aeroscope”, an oscilloscope style 2D dynamic flight simulator. It uses a the glider model designed in the previous tutorial.

The glider is fully adjustable so you can change different parameters during the flight. Just hit “Run_pause” and the model will start. Reset it using the red button whenever you wish or whenever it breaks the convergence.

For very low speeds or very large angles of attack (>20 degrees in absolute value) the model is imprecise. Adjust the static angle of attack of the stabilizer and wing during the flight to control the plane.

You can fly inverted and do backward and forward loops. You can also change the position of the center of gravity during the flight. If CG is forward the plane is stable, fast and less responsive.

If the CG is back (past the leading edge of the main wing) the plane becomes maneuverable, even unstable but more efficient (large gliding ratio). The model works in all versions of Excel but in 2007 or 2010 it is quite slow. In 2003 or earlier it really flows.


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