Digital Clock Model – an Excel 2007 adaptation

Hello!  Due to some incompatibility, I re-adjusted the old digital clock for the 2007 version of Excel.

In Excel 2003 or earlier if you click on a chart point twice (with a certain delay between clicks) you can paste a picture and have the data point actually convert into that picture. In 2007 the same trick works but somehow the picture expands by something like 20%, which makes a lot of my sprite models look wrong.

I expanded the old chart and reduced the zoom of the old digital clock model so that it looks all right in Excel 2007. Don’t get confused by the extension “.xls”, I made this file for Excel 2007.

You can re-save it in any format you wish.

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  1. Hi, you need change in vba Private Declare Sub for this Private Declare PtrSafe Sub.

  2. I have been using only 64 bits the last five years and I never had this problem. Is it a Mac? I know Excel on Macs has only partial functionality.

  3. What needs to happen with a 64-bit system. I’m getting a message saying the VBA code needs to be updated.

  4. how to run this this clock
    is gving me a warning msg when i click RUN PAUSE
    “the macros may not be available in this work book or all macros are disable

    how to run it

  5. Sami, also you could take the number “4” digit that you already have, add 3 more elements to it and turn it to an “8” digit. From the “8” you could generate all the digits by deletion. Also review the tutorials.
    Try that. George

  6. Sami, Check out all the related files and you might find one with more digits available. I don’t have anything more than what is published here. Generating your own digits is not that hard. Just follow the tutorial.

  7. Hi George.

    I was amazed one could do things like this in Excel, so consider me as your fan!

    I edited the spreadsheet into a timer watch which displays how much time there is until I have to do something (water the flowers etc.). The hours may go all the way down to 99 hours, so the problem is that the digits in the chart only go all the way up to 29. If it goes beyond that, the clock shows only the 2H digit (e.g. 31:23:23 hours becomes 1:23 23 in the chart). I have all the mechanics modified and set up, and the only thing I need now is the green digits. It’s really hard to make them myself and import to Excel without losing quality, so I’d like to ask if you have hid them anywhere in the file? There’s a small number 4 next to the chart, but I need number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for my timer.


  8. Querido ElProfe,

    Realmente apreciamos sus comentarios y ánimos. Debido a algunos problemas de menor importancia personal de esta primavera (un incendio), tomé una pausa de la escritura. I Promesa de volver a escribir pronto. Me gustaría pedir a todos los visitantes para ayudar a hacer este blog más popular al votar ya sea: un “me gusta” (Facebook), un “tweet” o un “G+ 1” (Google). Pido disculpas por los errores lingüísticos posibles, yo uso “Google Translate”.
    Los más cálidos saludos desde Colorado Springs,

  9. Apreciado George Lungu:
    Tienes un portal maravillosamente interesante; tus ejemplos, aplicaciones y la forma tan didáctica como compartes tu conocimiento, hablan de ti como una persona muy especial, carente del más mínimo egoísmo y un convencido de aquel principio que dice: “El saber que no se comparte, no vale la pena tenerlo”
    Gracias por colocar al alcance nuestro, tanto y tan valioso conocimiento.
    Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia.

  10. Mahbub, I am not sure how to use this as an animated application in ppt.

  11. Can I use it in my power point slide? If so, how?

  12. Can I use it in the power point slide? If so, how?

  13. Albert, all you can do is open the file and leave it running on the screen when you go away. Unfortunately this is not a screen saver or a computer wallpaper. Good luck, George

  14. can i install this digit clock to my desktop,cu’z i find it very attractive,if so can u please teach me how to do it,cu’z i’m not good in computer,still learning,hope u can spare some of your precious time to teach me,thanks alot in advance

  15. My name is Menezes. I was trying to follow your tutorial digital clock but i could not understand how to Create a spin-button with the range -1 to 10 so i stopped there. Can u give me some clues. In the tutorial you do not say much. Please can you make one tutorial about how to create moving shape in your blog there is only excel sheet without the tutorial. Thanks a lot . This blog is doing a lot to me. By the way, I am using excel 2007.

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